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What is iFrame Player?

1. What is BlendVision iFrame Player?

BlendVision iframe Player is a web technology that allows embedding of BlendVision's VOD and live streaming content directly into your websites or applications (webview).

It includes all the features you set through BlendVision, such as DRM, domain control, and watermark.

2. How does the iframe Player work?

The iframe (inline frame) is an HTML element that acts as a container within a webpage, displaying content from external sources like BlendVision's VOD and live streaming content while maintaining isolation from the rest of the page.

3. What are the advantages of using the iframe Player?

  • Less Integration Effort: Allows quick and straightforward embedding of BlendVision's VOD and live streaming content with all associated features into your web presence.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Works consistently across different platforms and devices, providing a uniform experience for all users (webview for applications).
  • Less Maintenance Effort: The responsibility for updates and maintenance of the iframe player lies with BlendVision, reducing the workload for your development team.

4. What are the limitations of using the iframe Player?

  • Limited User Experience: The iframe Player may not seamlessly integrate with your website and application's UI, potentially leading to minor inconsistencies in the user experience.
  • Limited Control: The available integration control is limited, which may restrict the ability to implement additional interactions between the iframe player and your website/application.
  • Limited UI Customization: The available customizable configuration is provided, but extensive UI customization may not be achievable.

5. How do I implement the iframe Player on my website or application?

Implementation of the iframe Player is as simple as copying the provided iframe code with the token of the BlendVision's VOD or live streaming content and paste it into the desired location in the HTML body of your website or application (webview).

For more comprehensive integration guides, please refer to here.