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Choosing: iFrame vs. SDK

BlendVision offers both iframe and player SDK solutions for integrating streaming content into websites or applications. To make the best decision for your project, let's explore the advantages and considerations of each option.

Before We Start

Check out the following articles to get foundational understanding of BlendVision One's player solutions:

Key Considerations

Iframe Player

  • Advantages: Offers quick and straightforward implementation into websites and applications (webview).
  • Limitations: Provides restricted control and customization within the container, and may have less seamlessly integration with your website and application's UI.

Player SDK

  • Advantages: Allows for full customization, advanced control, and seamless integration into your website and application, providing users with a consistent experience.
  • Limitations: Require more development effort and the workload will expand when supporting multiple platforms (e.g., Web, iOS, Android).


AspectIframe PlayerPlayer SDK
Integration Effort- Quick and straightforward implementation
- Cross-platform compatibility for website and application (webview)
- Requires integration with libraries and APIs
- Different SDKs for different platforms (e.g., Web, iOS, Android).
User Experience- May have less seamless integration
- Limited experience with all the components restricted within the container
- Provides seamless integration
- Offers a better experience without the restrictions of the container
UI CustomizationLimited customization within the containerFull customization capabilities which would not restricted by the container
ControlLimited controlAdvanced control
MaintenanceBlendVision One handles updatesRequires developer effort for updates