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Troubleshooting Guide


  • Assist your users to perform troubleshooting (Step 1 - Step 10) on their ends to solve the playback issues.
  • Help collect necessary information to speed up the debugging when the issue cannot resolve by users.

Step 1: Check network connection

To ensure the network connection is stable, you can suggest the user open another web page or application to confirm that the network is working properly, or try another trusted network connection to confirm whether the issue is related to a specific network.

Step 2: Check firewall and network settings

Please ensure that the user's firewall or network settings do not block related ports or services.

Step 3: Try another browser

For web playback, please suggest the user use different browsers (such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge, etc). Occasionally, the support of different media players vary from different browsers on specific devices.

Step 4: Try another device

If the user owns another device (such as a phone, tablet, or another computer), please suggest the user play the content on a different device.

Step 5: Update the browser

For web playback, you can suggest the user check whether the browser is the latest version. If not, please update to the latest version.

Step 6: Disable browser extensions or plug-ins

Occasionally, specific browser extensions or plug-ins may conflict with the media player. For web playback, please suggest the user disable or temporarily remove these extensions or plug-ins, then reload the page.

Step 7: Allow Cookies on the browser

If the user is trying to play live content on a web player, please suggest the user set the browser to allow Cookies.

Step 8: Clear browser cache and temporary files

For web playback, please suggest the user clear browser cache and temporary files.

Step 9: Reboot the device

Please suggest the user restart the device and try playback again.

Step 10: Update the device operating system

Please suggest the user check whether the device operating system (iOS, Android, Windows, or macOS) is the latest version. If not, please update to the latest version.

Step 11: Provide complete information to report the issue

If none of the above steps can solve the issues, please suggest the user fill out the issue reporting form below and provide to BlendVision One support team.

Video Type Live
Issue Occurred DateYYYY/MM/DD hh:mm
Issue Type Cannot play any content
Cannot play the specific content²: ___________________
Device Modele.g. iPhone 11, Windows 10 computer
Operating Systeme.g. iOS 14.5, Windows 10
Browser and Versione.g. Google Chrome 91.0.4472.124, Safari 14.1.1
Error Message¹The screenshot of player screen, detailed error message content on the screen, or other issue descriptions.
Steps you attemptedThe troubleshooting steps you have tried (Step 1-10).
Additional informationIf there is additional information that might be helpful to resolve the issue, please provide it here.

¹Error Codes: iFrame, Web SDK, iOS SDK, Android & Android TV SDK
²If the issue type is that a specific video cannot be played, please provide the corresponding VOD ID or Event ID as well, which will help us clarify and solve your playback issue more quickly. Thank you for your cooperation!


To protect user privacy, do not include personally identifiable or sensitive information in your reporting.