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Per-Title Encoding (PTE)

Per-Title Encoding (PTE) is a video optimization technique where encoding parameters, such as bitrate and resolution, are customized on a per-title basis. This means that each video is individually analyzed and encoded with parameters tailored to its specific characteristics, such as complexity and visual quality.

Key Benefits of PTE

  • Improved Video Quality: Enhance overall video quality by optimizing encoding parameters for each title.

  • Reduced File Size: Minimize file sizes, making content more efficient for storage and delivery by customizing encoding settings.

  • Bandwidth Efficiency: Optimize bandwidth usage while ensuring that videos are streamed with the best possible visual quality.

Enabling PTE for Your VOD

To enable PTE for your VODs, set the pte to PTE_PROFILE_HIGH during creation:

POST /bv/cms/v1/vods


Supported Video Codec for PTE: AVC (H.264)