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Cover Image

A cover image serves as the initial scene that viewers will see when the player is initiated while the VOD doesn't autoplay.

To embed a cover image for a VOD, make a PUT request to the following API with specific VOD id provided:

PUT /bv/cms/v1/vods/:id

Configure the cover_image request body with the following options:

Query ParametersRequiredDescription
typeRequiredSpecify the type of cover image to utilize:
  • COVER_IMAGE_TYPE_AUTO: The first frame of your VOD automatically generated by BlendVision.
  • COVER_IMAGE_TYPE_CUSTOMIZE: Customized image uploaded from your ends.
  • customizeOptionalRequired if the type is set to COVER_IMAGE_TYPE_CUSTOMIZE.

    Specify the image to use as the cover image with library_id.

    You can upload and obtain the ID for an image file using this API:
    POST /bv/cms/v1/library/files:upload
  • Supported formats: png, jpg, jpeg, gif
  • File size limitation: 5 MB
  • Here is an example of a request body that embed a customized cover image for a VOD: