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Metadata is additional information that can be provided for a video, enabling classification, organization, and search based on various properties.

To edit the metadata for a VOD, make a PUT request to the following API with specific VOD id provided:

PUT /bv/cms/v1/vods/:id

Configure the metadata request body with the following options:

short_descriptionstringA brief summary of the video (not exceeding 100 characters)Max 100 characters (including spaces and symbols)
long_descriptionstringA more detailed description of the videoMax 200 characters (including spaces and symbols)
labelsarraySupplementary metadata objects for categorizationMax 20 labels, 20 characters per label

Here is an example of a request body:

"short_description":"Updated short description",
"long_description":"Updated long description",
"name":"Updated label 1"
"name":"Updated label 2"