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This guide shows how to set up Blandvision Player on Chromecast (Google Cast). The following guide runs through the details of set up, customization and troubleshooting tips for Chromecast. You can also check out the sample project for set up Chromecast. For basic player SDK integration, you can refer to Getting Started.

Google Cast Integration

This sample project showcases how to casting your content to devices via Chromecast. The Cast receiver player plays with DASH manifest, so you should provide DASH manifest URL in source.


Web Sender apps need to support HTTPS to maintain Cast compatibility, as browsers have deprecated support for the Presentation API on insecure origins. (ref. Chromecast)

A local server to host your app is needed.

Receiver application ID

DRM integration

DRM integration is also included in this sample app, this part is required if you want to use DRM protected stream.

Caution: License requests accepts x-custom-data header instead.

If you are not using BV One player SDK, please refer to this guide

How to Run this Sample App

  • Clone this repository.
  • Replace license and token, you may create one in the console.
  • Specify your own source and castReceiverAppId.