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Token & Device Limit

With token-based content access control, you will have the capabilities and flexibility:

  • Playback Authorization: Content playback is exclusively granted with a valid token, which can be issued upon user authorization by your system, ensuring secure content access control.
  • Concurrent Device Limit: The token system allows you to set device limits, specifying how many devices a token can simultaneously use for content playback.
  • Membership System Integration: You can integrate the token with your existing membership system by including customer_id in your request parameters when generating tokens, enabling precise tracking of user engagement.

To enable token-based security protection and specify the device limit number of each token for your livestreams, set associate API request body during creation:

POST /bv/cms/v1/lives

Configure the privacy request body with the following options:

Query ParametersDescription
tokenSpecify the number of device limit for each token in the device_limit field

Here's an example of the request body that sets the privacy type to token-based with 100 device limit for simultaneously playback of each token:


For more comprehensive guide for generating the tokens, refer to this documentation.


If you are using a BlendVision One's pre-built showroom website, you also have the capabilities of user authorization control through access codes with device limit features.