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Stream From Your App

To set up a streaming source and transmit it to BlendVision's live streaming service via a RTMP link from your own applications, use the stream ingest SDKs:

These SDKs offer the following functionalities:

  • Direct RTMP Streaming via Mobile Device: Users can seamlessly perform RTMP streaming using their mobile camera and microphone, enabling instant sharing of live content.
  • Streaming Control
    • Start Streaming: Users can initiate an RTMP stream to initiate the transmission of video content.
    • Pause Streaming: Users can pause an ongoing RTMP stream to temporarily halt the transmission of video content.
    • Terminate Streaming: Users can terminate an RTMP stream to end video transmission and close the streaming session.

To obtain the RTMP Link and Stream Key of your livestream needed for the stream ingest, refer to this guide.