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List status history of VOD



Lists the status history of a VOD resource

Required field(s):

  • id

  • Returns a 404/NotFound error if the requested resource is not found.


Path Parameters

    id stringrequired

    Required. The unique id of the VOD resource.

Header Parameters

    x-bv-org-id stringrequired

    To invoke this API using api_token, you need to set the x-bv-org-id header to specify the organization for which you want to perform the action.


A successful response.

    stages object[]

    The status history of a VOD resource.

  • Array [
  • status stringrequired


    The status of a VOD resource.

    complete_time date-timerequired
    message string

    The message of the status. Deprecated: Use error_infos instead.

    code string

    The code of the status. Deprecated: Use error_infos instead.

    error_infos object[]required

    Output only. Optional. A list of messages that carry the error infos when vod encoding is failed.

  • Array [
  • reason string

    The reason of the error. This is a constant value that identifies the proximate cause of the error. Error reasons are unique within a particular domain of errors. This should be at most 63 characters and match a regular expression of [A-Z][A-Z0-9_]+[A-Z0-9], which represents UPPER_SNAKE_CASE.

    domain string

    The logical grouping to which the "reason" belongs. The error domain is typically the registered service name of the tool or product that generates the error. Example: "". If the error is generated by some common infrastructure, the error domain must be a globally unique value that identifies the infrastructure. For Google API infrastructure, the error domain is "".

    metadata object

    Additional structured details about this error.

    Keys should match /[a-zA-Z0-9-_]/ and be limited to 64 characters in length. When identifying the current value of an exceeded limit, the units should be contained in the key, not the value. For example, rather than {"instanceLimit": "100/request"}, should be returned as, {"instanceLimitPerRequest": "100"}, if the client exceeds the number of instances that can be created in a single (batch) request.

    property name* string
  • ]
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