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Response Codes

HTTP Status Codes

When you call the Platform API, it will respond with standard HTTP status codes, categorized as follows:

HTTP Status CodeDescription
2xxSuccessful responses
4xxClient errors
5xxServer errors

Error Codes

When an API request results in an error, a standardized response format will be provided, structured as below:

"code": <error_code>,
"message": "error_message",
"details": [
"@type": "string",

The properties in the response are described as follows:

codeintegerThis is a standardized error code, which software can use to determine how to handle the error with.
messagestringThis human-readable explanation of the error provides context on what went wrong.
detailsarray [object]This is an array of additional information objects, which provides more context about the error.

Details of object

typestringIdentify the type of the serialized protocol buffer message
reasonstringGive the error reason
domainstringDenote the API domain where the error occurred
metadatastringContain additional details about the error, such as a more comprehensive error message.