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Get cloud storage



Fetches the CloudStorage resource using the specified id.

Required field:

  • id

Notice: The /bv/configurations/v1/cloud-storages/{id} will be deprecated soon. Please use /bv/configuration/v1/cloud-storages/{id} instead.


Path Parameters

    id stringrequired

    Required. The resource identifier of cloud storage.

Header Parameters

    x-bv-org-id stringrequired

    To invoke this API using api_token, you need to set the x-bv-org-id header to specify the organization for which you want to perform the action.


A successful response.

    cloud_storage object
    id string

    Output only. The resource identifier of cloud storage.

    name stringrequired

    Required. The display name of cloud storage.

    type string

    Possible values: [CLOUD_STORAGE_TYPE_AWS]

    Immutable. The type of cloud storage.

    aws_storage object
    bucket_name stringrequired

    Required. AWS name of s3 bucket.

    path stringrequired

    Required. AWS path of s3 bucket.

    region stringrequired

    Required. AWS region of s3 bucket.

    user_role_arn stringrequired

    Required. The user AWS role arn.

    role_arn string

    Output only. Blend vision AWS role arn.

    aws_account_arn string

    Output only. Blend vision AWS account arn.

    external_id stringrequired

    Required. AWS external id for policy. You need to get external id from GetTrustPolicyInfo API.

    created_at date-time