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Manage Chatbot

Since Chatbot has been created which is able employ following API for further operation

FunctionDescriptionAPI Link
Get Chatbot statusTo query status and detail content
Which can also view detail of model setting,chatbot appearance,control configuration
GET bv/aisk/v1/chatbots/{id}
Update ChatbotTo update Knowledge Base contentPUT bv/aisk/v1/chatbots/{}
Delete ChatbotTo delete Knowledge Base
If Chatbot had linked to deleted Knowledge Base will become unavailable
DELETE bv/aisk/v1/chatbots/{id}
List Knowledge BaseTo list all Knowledge Base which has been bundled with the ChatbotGET bv/aisk/v1/chatbots/{id}/knowledge-bases
Delete Chatbot knowledge baseTo delete knowledge base underneath the chatbotDELETE bv/aisk/v1/chatbots/{id}/knowledge-bases/{knowledge_base_id}
Query chatbotTo query chatbot resourceGET bv/aisk/v1/chatbots