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Billing Report

You can view the billing report on your BlendVision console or download it in CSV format via the API.

Generate the billing report

To generate a billing report, you can make a request to the following API:

POST /bv/billing/v1/csv-reports

Upon a successful request, the API will generate a billing report and return a response containing the ID for the report:


Fetch the download URL for the billing report

Once you have the report ID, you can fetch the billing report via the following API:

GET /bv/billing/v1/csv-reports/{id}:fetch

The response from this API should include the ID, the status of the report, and the URI (download link) for the report:


In this response, the status field can be either CSV_REPORT_STATUS_RUNNING or CSV_REPORT_STATUS_SUCCEEDED. You should keep checking the status until it becomes CSV_REPORT_STATUS_SUCCEEDED. At that point, you can download the billing report from the provided URI.

Here is a sequence diagram to illustrate the process of fetching and downloading billing reports: