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Control a Livestream

Livestream control of live streaming is managed as a state machine. The following diagram illustrates the state transitions of a Livestream driven by control operations. The rectangles represent the states a Livestream may reside in. The arrows indicate the possible transitions between states that occur when certain events or conditions are met, such as the start of a scheduled event, the completion of server setup, or the initiation of a Livestream.

The state diagram of a Livestream

Here is the explanation of each state:

ScheduledThis is the initial state of an event when it is scheduled but not yet ready for streaming.
PreparingWhen the scheduled event is less than 12 hours away, the status changes to "Preparing." At this point, the infrastructure is being set up for the event.
Wait for PreviewAfter the infrastructure is set up, the status changes to "Wait for Preview." The streaming server has been built-up but is still not open for pushing signals.
PreviewWhen the server is ready, the status changes to "Preview," indicating that the event can start sending signals and rehearsing.
LiveAfter the "Go Live" action is triggered, the event is live, and the status changes to "Live."
EncodingOnce the live event has ended, the content is transcoded to VOD by BlendVision encoding service, and the status changes to "Encoding."
VOD ReadyWhen the VOD is ready to be broadcast, the status changes to "VOD Ready," indicating it is waiting for the scheduled time.
VODOnce the transcoding has been completed and the live event can be played as VOD content, the status changes to "VOD."
Live ENDWhen the live-only event ends or the VOD of a Live to VOD event ends, the status changes to "Live END."
ClosedWhen the event is canceled or successfully ended, the status changes to "Closed," and the channel can be re-opened and recreated.
ArchivedWhen the channel is archived, the status changes to "Archived."