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Get chatroom config



Retrieves the chatroom configuration data necessary for initialization. Authorization requires the chatroom token in the header.


Header Parameters

    authorization string

    This API should be invoked with the chatroom token.


A successful response.

    connection object

    The connection information for connecting to the chatroom.

    endpoint string

    The endpoint of the chatroom to connect.

    authorizer string

    The authorizer of the chatroom to connect.

    token string

    The token of the chatroom to connect.

    signature string

    The signature of the chatroom token to connect.

    client_id string

    The client id of the chatroom to connect.

    topic object

    The topic information.

    pub string

    The publish topic for sending the messages to other clients.

    sub string

    The subscribe topic for receiving messages from other clients.

    user object

    The user information.

    is_admin boolean

    Indicates the user whether or not an admin.

    customer_id string

    The identifier of the customer.

    device_id string

    The identifier of the device.

    custom_name string

    The name of the customer.