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Metrics & Dashboard

You can track your billing usage of your organization with BlendVision's analytics module and pre-built dashboard.


CDNGBThe CDN consumption.Streaming Type:
  • VOD
  • Live
  • StorageGBThe storage usage.Asset Type:
  • VOD (H.264)
  • VOD (H.265)
  • Live-to-VOD
  • Library
  • EncodingGBThe encoding consumption.VOD Type:
  • VOD (H.264)
  • VOD (H.265)
  • Live-to-VOD
  • LivestreamhrsThe duration of livestream, including the preview and the duration within start time to end time.Livestream Type:
  • Standard
  • Ultra-Low Latency
  • DRM Request-The times of DRM request.-


    Login to your BlendVision One console > Navigate to Analytics

    In the Overview tab, you can obtain the time series analysis of the metrics


    These consumption history records are for reference only. Please check the actual billed data in your BlendVision One console at Organization > Billing.