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Create Source Data

To build a chatbot is required to create source first. then ingest with different types of data. there are several type of sources can be assigned to source data which will be list in following session.

Create source

Source Data can be created by sending a POST request to the following API: POST bv/aisk/v1/sources Configure the request body with the following options:

sourceyesInformation of the source to be created.
typeyesThe type of the source.Possible values:
nameyesNaming the source

A successful response will contain an id which is the identifier of the created data source. Use this id to compelete data ingestion.

Ingest source data

After a source has been created the next step is to ingest data to complete a Source data. Source Data ingestion by sending a POST request to the following API: POST bv/aisk/v1/sources/{id}:ingest

Choose one of the data type to get required information to configure request body as following options:
TypeInputget from
websiteURLInput of URL links
filefile_idGET bv/aisk/v1/library/files/:id:complete-upload
vodvod_idGET bv/aisk/v1/sources/available-vods
videovideo_idGET bv/aisk/v1/sources/available-videos

Reference: To see the detail uploading files process can refer to: Upload From Your Local