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Manage the visibility of your content by specifying the regions or audiences authorized to access it, ensuring compliance with licensing agreements and target audience restrictions. For more information about privacy, see The Visibility of Content.


Overlay watermarks on your videos to claim copyright, deter piracy, and identify unauthorized usage, providing additional content protection. You can enable watermarking with a specified type and position. For more information about enabling a watermark, see Watermarks.

Domain Control

Limit content delivery to authorized domains, ensuring that your content is only accessible on approved websites and platforms, reducing the risk of unauthorized distribution. For more information about enabling domain control, see Domain Control.

Geo control

Restrict access to your content based on geographical regions, allowing you to target specific markets and comply with content distribution regulations. For more information about enabling geo control, see Geo-Region Control.


By implementing DRM technologies such as FairPlay, PlayReady, and Widevine, you can encrypt your content and control its playback, preventing unauthorized copying and piracy. For more information about enabling DRM to protect your content, see Digital Rights Management.