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Embed Chatroom for Livestream

You can embed a pre-built chatroom, including live chat and poll features, for a BlendVision livestream during Live phase.

The poll_enabled field is a boolean value that enables or disables the poll feature.

The chatroom field contains information related to the chatroom feature. If the enabled field is set to true, then the theme field is also required. The theme field specifies the theme or color scheme for the chatroom. There are two possible values for this field:

  • CHATROOM_THEME_LIGHT: The theme is a light color scheme.
  • CHATROOM_THEME_DARK: The theme is a dark color scheme.

Here's an example that specifies a chatroom with the dark theme enabled for a Livestream:

"interaction": {
"poll_enabled": false,
"chatroom": {
"live": {
"enabled": true,