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Monitoring Job Status

To determine the encoding status of a AOD, you can utilize the following API:

GET /bv/cms/v1/aods/{id}

This API call will provide the latest encoding status of the specified AOD. The response will include a AOD object containing various information, including the current status.

The possible status values and their corresponding descriptions are as follows:

AOD_STATUS_CREATEDThe encoding job has been created.
AOD_STATUS_INGESTEDThe uploaded file is currently being copied to the system's input storage.
AOD_STATUS_QUEUEDThe file is in the queue, waiting for encoding resources.
AOD_STATUS_ENCODEDThe file is currently being encoded.
AOD_STATUS_DEPLOYEDThe file is packaged and deployed to the Content Delivery Network (CDN).
AOD_STATUS_SUCCEEDEDAll stages of the encoding process have been completed.
AOD_STATUS_FAILEDThe encoding job has encountered an error or failure.
AOD_STATUS_CANCELLEDThe encoding job has been canceled.
AOD_STATUS_DELETEDThe encoding job has been deleted.

It is recommended to use this API periodically to retrieve the latest encoding status of a AOD until it reaches the AOD_STATUS_SUCCEEDED state, indicating successful completion.